Conversion to Pneumatic Cement Carrier

Conversion to Pneumatic Cement Carrier




84,99 m


14,00 m


5,95 m


4 500 mt

Cargo hold:

1 x 5976 m3




The vessel prepared for loading, carrying and discharging fly ash and cement powder cargoes with a density from 1 000 to 1300 kg/m3  The conversion will in brief consisting the documents provided by Westcon Design Poland to implementation of the following tasks:

  • Blasting all water ballast tanks and recoating them with a ballast tank coating system 
  • Construct cargo silo foundations and stoppers on present tank top in cargo hold 
  • Blast outer bottom and apply new anti-corrosive  and anti-fouling paint
  • Recondition the cargo hold hatch cover panels by blasting and recoating corroded surfaces, restoring proper alignment and installing  new gaskets as necessary 
  • Convert the ballast water system to remotely operated from the bridge
  • Arranging 5x independent cargo silos aerated from the bottom and a double vacuum hopper
  • Compressed air system consisting of one working air compressor and one diesel engine driven cargo compressor, 2 aeration blowers, a vacuum pump including necessary foundations, piping power, instrumentation and automation systems
  • Install new cargo electric switchboard and automation/control systems  
  • Install new cargo electric generator set including electric and piping
  • Arrange 2 x deck filters on the relevant hatch cover panels
  • Construct deck houses including necessary penetrations in hatch cover panels and arrange necessary electric cabling and cooling water system from the main box cooler
  • Arrange vacuum cargo suction piping system from the silos into the vacuum hopper
  • Arrange a cargo discharge system by pressurized air with filling from the hopper to shore system
  • Arrange a cargo excess air filtration system from the cargo silos. 
  • Arrange a  including a cargo manifold and piping between silos and deck
  • Fit a 0,99 t swl hose handling crane including a power pack
  • Arrange a deck loading system including an air slide and cyclone air separator
  • Arrange a loading control station in the wheel house