Hagland Retrofit

Hybrid conversion.


89.95 m


84.94 m


14.4 m


5.8 m


~4000 mt

Cargo hold:

144 TEU


General Cargo Vessel


Description of the project

The complex documentation for retrofit project of hybrid ship conversion.

Scope of work

Shipyard challenges:

  • Removal of existing gear box for propulsion.
    Installation of new main gear for propulsion.
    Moving the main engine 500 mm forward.
  • Installation of battery container incl. necessary foundation.
  • Installation of new aux. engine incl. necessary foundation
  • Removal of existing exhaust pipe and silencer for the main engine.
  • Installation of new exhaust pipe, combined catalysator/silencer.
  • Cooling system for the battery container and the electro motor on the PTO.
  • Rebuilding of the existing gantry for excavator

Westcon Design’ challanges:

  • 3D scanning of whole stern and machinery compartments
  • Deliver the complete class & workshop documentation.
  • Onboard supervision.