HP 15 Motorboat

Yacht is equipped with a multi-purpose folding swimming platform for mass reduction.


19,95 m


4,68 m


4,6 m


0,9 m


Cargo hold:



Project description

Westcon Design Poland was asked to verify the client’s concept for the GHV Project HP15 LeTech Marine and ultimately to prepare class and workshop documentation for this project.

Scope of work

– drive analysis

– speed forecast

– energy balance analysis

– hull structure optimization

– 3D vessel model with interior visualization


HP 15 motorboat – leaflet

Experience the epitome of Scandinavian design with the HP 15 motorboat. Its minimalistic yet luxurious style creates an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere. As you step through the main glazed entrance, you’ll be welcomed into a spacious main deck, featuring a vestibule, galley, salon, and steering area.

Designed for maximum endurance, the HP 15 is equipped with solar panels and a water maker, ensuring a continuous supply of energy and water. The advanced dual-zone HVAC system minimizes power consumption, providing perfect living conditions for longer seasons in both northern and southern climates.

The HP 15 masterfully blends power and refinement, delivering an exhilarating experience for both drivers and passengers. Its dynamic shape is powered by three Volvo D6-440 DPI stern drives, enhanced by a bow thruster for precise maneuverability. This combination guarantees immense pleasure at the wheel and a smooth, safe ride.

The compact yet powerful Volvo D6-440 DPI engines offer high efficiency and low fuel consumption, providing exciting performance and extended operating times without refueling. Easy access to the engine room is facilitated by hatches on either side of the main deck, while removable covers in the garage deck allow for convenient maintenance.

The HP 15 motorboat features a multi-purpose folding swimming platform, reducing mass and serving as a launching platform for a large tender, which ensures comfortable and safe trips even in poor weather conditions. The aft sundeck can be transformed into a storage space for bicycles, paddleboards, or kayaks.

Designed for efficient operation by just two crew members, the HP 15 includes a double cockpit on the flybridge and efficient solar panels on the roof, enabling extended periods without shore connection. Additional features include a reverse osmosis freshwater generator, a combined washer and dryer, and a bow thruster for optimal maneuverability.

The HP 15 promises wonderful sensations underway and constant pleasure at anchor. Its sleek design and innovative features make it a perfect choice for those seeking a blend of luxury, performance, and sustainability.