RoPax Vessel

Optimized for operation between Swinoujscie and Trelleborg and in other Emission Control Areas (ECAs), for short international voyages


191.50 m


178.00 m


30.20 m


6.30 m


abt 8000 t

Cargo hold:





Lane lengths abt 2800 m
Service speed at design draught,
85%MCR, total 7000 kW delivered to propellers 15 kn

Free deck heights

Free height on Tank top 5.00 m
Free height on Main deck 5.00 m
Free height on Upper deck 5.00 m /under superstructure/


Stern ramps
Internal ramps leading down and up to and from hold
w.t covers above the hold ramps
Two way tiltable ramp leading from Main Deck to Upper Deck
Bow door
Bow ramp

Deck loads
Bottom Hold
Car Deck1
Main Deck
Car Deck 2
Upper Deck
Car Deck 3
Uniform load 3t/m2 3t/m2 2t/m2
Max Axle load 18 t 18 t 18 t
Propelling machinery

Diesel electric propulsion
Four dual fuel (MGO/LNG) diesel generators abt. 6000 kW each.
Two generators 8000 kW each
Two fixed pitch propellers

Auxiliary engines

Emergency generator abt. 600 kW


43 crew
266 passengers (242 in 121 cabins and 24 on sitting places)


Two high lift rudders, two rotary vane steering gears
Two bow thrusters 2300 kW each, one 1500 kW stern thruster
60 pcs reefer container sockets
Stabilizing and antiheeling system