Scrubber Plug & Play

Plug&Play Container Module.


98,2 m


95,1 m


13,4 m


5,6 m


~4000 mt

Cargo hold:



Description of the project

Project in cooperation of Value Maritime B.V. – inventor of an innovating Filtree System and CO₂ Capture which ensures that the PH value of the washing water used is neutralised and contributes to reducing the acidification of the seawater.

Our goal was to arrange and design the turn-key container module and redesigned all necessary ship’s systems/hull for trouble-free installation.

The project consisted of:
– 3D scanning,
– retrofit of installations on board,
– container design with equipment,
– supervising the installation on board.

Our client received a set of documentation related with ie:
Casing Arrangement, Access routing in casing, Scrubber Casing, Exhaust Gas Supports and Pipe arrangement, GRP/Drain/BO/SO Spools.